avril 2019

La prochaine reunion sera mecredi le 1 mai a 18:30 chez


Il y avait 18 membres. 1 visiteur au reunion d'avril.

l'ancien membre du club Dave Thomas.

La tirage etait gagné par Michel Cuerrier, une Mini BMW Cooper S Télé-guidé.

Plusieurs autres membres ont gagnés les porte clés Union Jack. drapeau Union Jack et cannettes du Thé.



Les nouvelles t-shirts sont pretes.  $10 manches courtes  $12 xl,xxl,xxxl ou xxxxl . $15 manches longues... petit, moyen ou large. Gris Charcoal ou noire...

Mario a  vendu sa Mini mais Johanne et Mario ont toujours une MINI.

Bienvenue au club;

Kevin C de Boisbriand qui fabrique un V-tec.  

Sebastien de la ville de Quebec avec son belle Mini noire.

Bienvenue a Joshua de Stittsville en Ontario qui a une Mini de la Belgique.

Re-bienvenue a Pierre C avec ca Mini 1977 orange. Il fait plusiers annees ....

Bienvenue a Arnaud V de Chambly qui travail sur son Mini depuis 8 ans....


T-shirts  du club  modele 4 Minis sont en vente pour $5.00 de 13-12 ,14-16 enfants, femmes petit.

IMM 2019 est en Angleterre, IMM 2020 est en Allemagne. Qui veut organiser une groupe?  Pour L'Allemagne je suis disponible et je parle Allemande!


Photos sur la page de Cars for Sale.

Pierre B cherche 2 ou 3 roues Rostyle 4.5 x 10... en avez vous?  pierregillesbertrand@videotron.ca

Il y a un site web pour faire votre Mini du reve: www.oildrippers.de


April 2019

The next meeting is the monthly meeting to be held on Wednesday May 1st at 6:30 p.m.


There were 18 members  and 1 guest at the April meeting,  former member Dave Thomas.

The raffle was won by Michel Cuerrier, a BMW Mini Cooper S remote control car.

Several other members took home Union Jack key chains and Strings of Union Jack flags as well as Mini tea cans.

The next event at Robert and Sylvie's will be on June 8th. More details to follow.  

I have sold another Mini from Boeby's collection with a t-shirt to someone in France. This sale bridges the gap for the missing funds needed for the grave maintenance in the Philippines.


New x-ray club shirts are available in sizes small to xxxxl  t-shirts $10-$12. Long sleeved t-shirts are $15.00

Colours are charcoal grey for the t-shirts and Black for the long sleeved versions. 

Another new Member is Kevin C of Boisbriand who picked up an incomplete V-tec project.


Welcome to new member Sebastien from Quebec city and his beautiful black Mini. 

Also Welcome  to Joshua from Stittsville Ontario who has a Mini that was imported from Belgium.

Welcome Back Pierre C with his 1977 orange Mini. It's been many years since we have seen him. 

Another new member is Arnaud V of Chambly who has been rebuilding his Mini since 2010. Soon to be on the road.

2019 August is IMM England in Bristol and 2020 is in Bavaria in June. I speak German and I am  willing to put together a group for the IMM 2020 . Who wants to come with us?

Reserve yours for pick up at the next event. rileydeb@bell.net

All older 4 Mini club t-shirts are now on sale for $5.00 each.

I will bring them to the meetings.

Will you be lucky enough to get one?

There is now only one Mini for sale on the cars for sale page.

Want to have some fun try designing your own Mini at :www.oildrippers.de

Pierre B is looking for 2 or 3 Rostyle Wheels  4.5 x 10  contact him directly at pierregillesbertrand@videotron.ca